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Dufferin Street Jog Elimination project photo Post update

Dufferin Street Jog Removal

$24,832,664.54 is being spent on the Dufferin Street Jog Elimination project and the construction of the Dufferin Street/CN/GO Transit Underpass at Queen Street. The Dufferin Construction Company (St. Lawrence Cement Inc. C.O.B.) is the prime contractor and if you look at the material making up the the bulk of the volume of the structure, they are the main material supplier too.

Looking at the method and construction engineering to be used, it appears the  underpass will mix well with other nearby underpasses such as the one on King street in Liberty Village. It is the grammar of ornament used to display art in the structure that is of considerable issue in this design. In a tunnel underpass that is probably going to be wind swept at times, and with the usual short width of sidewalks used in Toronto it is going to be difficult for passers by to stand and have some contemplative time viewing the photographs.

…tending to agree with this quote from Adam Vaughan, in this Toronto Life article by Philip Preville.

Though it’s not in his district, Adam Vaughan, for what it’s worth, is not a fan of the idea. “Congestion is good,” he told me not long ago, meaning the more difficult it is for cars to navigate the grid, the more people will consider alternatives like walking or transit. It’s also true that oddities like the Dufferin Jog act as natural traffic-calming devices, and they provide incentive for drivers to disperse throughout the grid in search of alternative routes. But there’s also the fact that irregularities in the grid are what give any city its character.



Picture credits  St. Lawrence
Cement Inc. C.O.B. as Dufferin Construction Company
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Project Name: Dufferin Street Jog Elimination
Project Value: $24,832,664.54
Scheduled: 2008-2009
Owner: City of Toronto
Contract No: 08FS-22S
Location: Dufferin Street at Queen Street
Market: Municipal Construction – Central
Delivery Method: Traditional Public Tender