Stockyards south of St Clair retail area is getting a new Beer Store

Thanks to commenter greis who reported the new addition is a beer store!

Next to the Metro supermarket on the south side of St. Clair Av. A addition is being added to the building on the west side. What type of store this mall section needs – may be a surprise!



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  1. george says:

    It’s a Beer Store

  2. ScotToronto says:

    Beer Store Confirmed,%20Toronto%20Brochure%20April%202013.pdf

    Looks like Subway, Cash Money, and The Source are moving out of the plaza.

    There is a new Subway opening in the Stockyards Mall as well as a new Subway Opening beside Tim Hortons at the Walmart Centre at Runnymede Road.

    The Source (Bell) is opening in the Stockyards Mall.

    Cash Money has opened 2 new locations recently at Dundas & Annette and St. Clair & Weston Road.

  3. junctionist says:

    A mixed-use condo neighbourhood would have been best for the area after the demise of the Ontario Stock Yards. One day hopefully that’ll become a reality.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      Often wonder what will happen to St Clair west of all this retail development, currently small houses and characteristic retail. But mixed use condos along their would be great as long as the planners could retain the diverse flavour of St Clair in that area.

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