Toronto Life rates The Junction area as number 89 in their list of Best Places to Live in the City. ugh!

The blog opens this post call out to local city councillors for the Junction area wards to bring the magazine Toronto Life to task for their indescribably inaccurate placement of the Junction areas at number 89 on their list published today.

fsc_Neighbourhoods_Ranking_torontolife_com (1)



Chart from Toronto Life.


Link to their listing Toronto Life Magazine site



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  1. Dave says:

    I wouldn’t get too worked up about non-scientific ratings like these. But what shocked me was how low the Junction rated for shopping and entertainment. My wife and I spent several hours yesterday going up and down Dundas, asking stores and restaurants to put up posters for the High Park Terry Fox Run. We’ve only lived here a year, but we came to realize how many of these establishments we’d patronized in that time. It’s a great neighborhood….and probably part of the reason why “High Park North” rated so high in the same Toronto Life “study”.

  2. junctionist says:

    The study’s results mostly seem unreliable and inconsistent with common sense. I don’t think that it will shape many people’s perceptions of the city’s neighbourhoods.

    • junctioneer says: (Author)

      I am beginning to view the publication of the “study” as a prime way to sell copies of the magazine in a slow retail issue sale period – summer. A few people have discussed this probably with me.

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