The lights of the Junction retail strip at night.


Last night was one of the nights in a long time I drove along Dundas St. W. retail strip in the period just after midnight. I was struck how the lights from business signs, store facades and window designs have reached a impact level which has not existed in the Junction for a long time. Probably the late 70`s and early 80`s.

The Hole in the Wall bar-eatery has decorated (for lack of a better word) the street level of the ironically built building they inhabit to delight. Really characterizing their subterranean space. Wonderful.

As you move along the Indie Ale House facade allows the interior of the restaurant to boom onto the street with aplomb completely winning over the demanding situation of making a presence in a location powerfully affected by the close intersection of Keele St. and Dundas St. W. and the large hulking building to the east of their low rise building.

Put in the cycle shop Studio Cycle and Opticianado shop just up and on the other side both working throughout the night with their lighting and windows dressings to communicate the vibrancy of the strip today.

and more, put that’s anther post.





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