From nut and bolt plant to high-rise on Swansea Works lands

From the beautiful Stelco parts plants on the Swansea Works lands we now have this rather good-looking building. The views from the suites must be great both towards the lake and the city core.

This author views it as a great addition to the community and the beach-scape and could only be made better by the addition of some light engineering making or manufacturing on the ground levels. :-)


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  1. A.R. says:

    The mix of quasi-traditional townhouses and modern glass condominium towers is jarring. Also, to anyone who claims that streetcars promote Queen Street style development, I present this site as a counterpoint. Where’s the retail?

  2. JP says:

    I agree with A.R. on this one. But, since I’m making dinner right now I’ll leave it to Christopher Hume:–condo-critic-queensway-has-lack-of-connection

  3. junctioneer says: (Author)

    Thanks for the link JP great article.

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